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Welcome to The Energy Field

Thank you for your interest in The Energy Field Wellness Center.  

At this time, I am currently on sabbatical furthering my education to better serve you.  I must also immerse myself in self-care to ensure a balanced energy system in our ever changing energy environments.  I know you are all feeling the shifts right now as well.  


My suggestion to you is to keep properly hydrated and remain grounded by being in nature or taking a nice warm mineral bath.



Stay tuned for more information regarding the return to scheduling options for current and new services.

If you are new to The Energy Field, existing, or past client and haven't been in for a while, please click the chat button below and send me a request to be added to my communication list.


If you are having an energy emergency, I will be evaluating each session on a case by case basis and the emergency sessions will be done virtually. 

Thanks so much for your understanding.

Yours in wellness,


"I yearn to come face-to-face with you and get to know you.  For I long to impart to you some spiritual gift that will empower you to stand strong in your faith.  Now this means that when we come together side by side, something wonderful will be released.  We can expect to be co-encouraged and co-comforted by each other's faith."--ROMANS 1:11

Image by Miltiadis Fragkidis

"Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness." ~ Desmond Tutu

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