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Reflect and Release

After taking a week off to reflect on the months past I realized that this is the time to make change. October is a good time to evaluate what you have been doing in the past to make corrections for the future.

Do you like where you are going, how you look, how you feel, what you do? If not, it's time for change. We tend to get caught up in this thing called life and it keeps us busy and distracts us from being present in the moment. Think of all the moments that you could have really enjoyed but didn't!

If you are present in every moment...I mean really FEEL joy, happiness, sadness or any other emotion, can RELAX. If not, you may need to release what is keeping you from feeling life.

This week I have released a lot of papers, people and a lot of other things that distract me from being who I am supposed to be. I hope you are able to do the same. If you are having difficulty, you need to ASK for help. There are many people just waiting for you to ASK!

Time to RELECT, RELEASE and then RELAX and enjoy life!

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