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2020 Environment

Are we done yet? 2020 has been a very interesting year for the world. This year has brought virus, violence, protests both peaceful and not so peaceful, sickness, healing, increased awareness, solitude and lots of change!

Our office has survived a 2.5 month closure as well as all the changes to help keep everyone safe. It was interesting going back into the office after the closure. What appeared to be the same was actually very different due to the risk of COVID-19. What once was a safe place now changed into the "Front Line" knowing that "physical distancing" will never be an option in this industry. Thinking about contact and tracing and how the touch network extends to infinity! Could we create a "safe bubble" in our office? We not only think about the body on the treatment table but also all the people that one body will come in contact with. Are you caring for an elderly family member or are you struggling with a health issue that makes you more vulnerable? What once was a peaceful dark room where healing happens has become a distraction from the sole purpose of this business....only IF I give the virus power!

Everything is not as it appears! One thing this virus has done for humanity is put a bright light of awareness about our lives. We learned how important our people are and that we like to be together and celebrate one another. We also learned that we have things in our lives that we need to release from our relationships, our careers, our life paths. We learned that selfcare is essential. Friends and family are essential. Communication is essential. Healing is essential. Touch is essential!

What have you noticed in your environment of life? Is it time for a change? What is holding you back? What is distracting you from your intended path? If you are feeling stuck and are ready for a different perspective, come see us at The Energy Field. Our door is open for you!


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